Flawed premises from the book The Vortex

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Flawed premises from the book The Vortex

Příspěvekod Petr » stř 13. led 2010 23:22:52

Flawed premises from the newest book
The Vortex. pp. 235-236

1. I am either physical or Non-physical, either dead or alive

2. My parents, because they were here long before I was born, and because they are my parents, know better than I do what is right or wrong for me

3. If I push hard enough against unwanted things, they will go away

4. I have come here to live the right way of life and to influence others to the same right way of living

5. Because I am older than you, I am wiser than you; and therefore you should allow me to guide you

6. Who I am began the day I was born into my physical body

7. With enough effort, or hard work, I can accomplish anything

8. To be in harmony with another, we have to want and believe the same things

9. The path to my joy is through my action

10. I cannot have everything that I desire, so I have to give up some things that are important to me in order to get others

11. If I leave an unwanted situation, I will find what I am looking for

12. There is a finite container of resources that we are all dipping into with our requests

13. There are right ways and wrong ways to live

14. There is a God Who, having considered all things, has come to a final and correct conclusion about everything

15. You cannot know, while you are still in your physical body, the true reward or punishment for your physical actions

16. By gathering data about the manifestations or results of the way the people of the earth have lived and are living, we can effectively sort them into absolute piles of right and wrong

17. Only very special people, like the found of our group, can receive the right message from God

18. By ferreting out the undesirable elements in our society, we can eliminate them

19. A good relationship is one in which the dominant intention of each person involved is to find agreement and harmony with the other

20. When I focus upon things of a physical nature, I am less Spiritual

21. It is my job as a parent to have all the answers so that I can teach those answers to my children

22. I can criticize successful people and still achieve my own success
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